Auto-Rickshaw Advertisement :

Best and Cost Effective Medium for your brand. Auto-Rickshaws are available in huge numbers every where in the city and thus reaching your customers day and night, carrying your advertisement at very low pricing.

Auto-Rickshaw Advertisement is a very popular and attractive way of advertising and it gets you a very great response. It is very eye catching to public as Auto Rickshaw Play's all over the road and streets and hence is a very effective way of advertising.

Some unique benefit of this medium are :

- The most affordable outdoor medium.
- Effective reach amongst 8 to 80 year olds.
- This mobile hoarding manoeuvres in those areas where even other mediums cannot reach.
- Auto-Rickshaw stays in prime locations such as Bus-stands, Railways Stations, Malls etc in search of customers, ensuring maximum visibility for your brand.
- The entire traffic becomes your captive audience, especially at traffic junctions where people need something to read while waiting.